How To Make Your Wedding Reception A Success

While most brides-to-be concentrate on their ceremony location, the wedding reception often comes as an afterthought. Not only is the reception venue very important, but it also has to accommodate hungry guests as well. Now is the time to start planning. From a full-service bar to what type of food is going to be served, here is how to make your wedding reception a complete success. 

Non-Catered Event

Some brides are on a tight budget for their wedding. As food prices are on the rise, many couples choose to have a pot-luck-style wedding reception. Family members and close friends may choose to put together their own food menu and prepare the meals themselves. In some cases, couples bring in food from their favorite restaurants. This is an economical way to create a nourishing meal for guests and the wedding party. In this case, it's important to explore banquet venues that have a kitchen and buffet area for serving guests.

Make sure there is adequate refrigeration and space to prepare and store the menu items. The venue should be set up so tables and chairs are near the kitchen for easy serving. Ask about chafing dishes and food warmers to help keep food warm until serving. Some banquet halls may offer their serving dishes and utensils for you to use. 

A Large-Scale Catered Reception

If you have a venue picked out that correlates perfectly with your wedding, be sure it can accommodate your guest numbers. There are several reception halls and banquet venue rentals that offer a variety of services, including kitchen space and a serving area. They may or may not offer catering services, so you may have to book a caterer from your favorite restaurant that can meet your food and drink needs.

If you need to hire a caterer, set up an appointment to sample their food and choose what kind of meals you would like them to serve. Food options are endless. Most caterers work closely with banquet venues and local restaurants to meet your specific needs and budget. 

All-Inclusive Banquet Venue

Another option for wedding receptions of any size is all-inclusive banquet halls. They are an all-in-one venue option that prepares and serves all of their own menu items. They typically do not hire caterers from other restaurants but try to tailor to your needs as close as possible. This is a great reception option because everything is inclusive including the food, décor, dance floor, and bar area. Typically no outside food or drink, except the wedding cake, is brought in.

The good thing about choosing any wedding venue is that it can be customized exactly how you wish. If you want to cover everything and just rent a venue, that is one option. Just having to show up at the venue after your ceremony and relax is also a choice. The day is yours and your future awaits!

Contact a local venue rental service, such as Savini's Pomodoro, to learn more.